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The Therapeutic Approach

& Your Experience

Every therapist is different, and you deserve to work with someone that you click with. I am my genuine & authentic self in every session, AND, I'm different with every client. While making sure that I meet and adapt to your unique needs, I retain these major values and principles in all of my work:

  • The space held for you in therapy is one of unconditional support and encouragement and one of difficult, uncomfortable conversations. I do not want you to feel good & happy at the end of every session, because you can gain that support elsewhere. I will make sure that you feel supported and comfortable in our relationship, and, I will make sure to challenge you in what we discuss.

  • Our experiences should be normalized. Too many people feel like they are alone in their struggles of feeling like they don't belong or that they are not enough. I am not an expert, impenetrable human that has found a way to avoid the painful truth of life. I empathize with your experiences and I don't force you to find the silver lining. Life is a balance of love & pain, joy & sorrow.

  • All of us have some pieces of armor on to protect ourselves from the hurtful, scary, and challenging things in life; this may look like anger, extreme independence, or constantly making jokes to brush off our pain. In addition to your specific goals, I will encourage you to work on taking off some of that armor and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in our space.

  • If we ever reach a point when I am telling you what to do, we're in the wrong place. I'm here to walk with you as a guide, not tell you where to go.

  • People are often uncertain about what their goals are when they start therapy—or at least, they don't know what specific outcomes they want to achieve. It is vital to our relationship that we are always on the same page regarding what is important to you. 

At Baldwin Psychotherapy...


to creating a safe and judgment-free space for everybody to talk


to normalize our everyday human experiences; life is hard!

We work towards uncovering the root cause of certain problems to help you 

move beyond limitations & thrive as your true self


Transparency: We are honest and involve you in every step of your journey.

Passion: We put our heart and soul into everything we do.

Inclusiveness: We are allies to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, & sexual or romantic expressions.

Balance: We advocate for the importance of balance in all aspects of life.

Non-Judgment: There's enough judgment & criticism in the world, so we don't need to add any more :)

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