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Couples Therapy

Baldwin Psychotherapy offers expert couples therapy services in Barrie and the surrounding area. If you are struggling in your relationship, and would like to work on it, we can help.


What is couples therapy like?

Couples therapy is heavily focused on the intricacies of communication between you and your partner. In the first session, you can expect to take the lead as you and your partner explain what brought you to counselling, and the therapist will observe how you two interact—including the words you use, body language, and similarities or differences in your thought processes. Since couples therapy requires an agreeance of goals between two people, it is likely that your sessions will focus more so on the underlying themes and challenges in your relationship rather than trying to problem solve (or more accurately, slap a bandaid onto) daily problems or concerns.

Why are sessions 80 minutes long?

Since couples therapy involves the two of you, and the therapist, there is more space to be given and information to be shared—because there's an additional person in the room. Having sessions for 80 minutes allow us to get done what we need to get done in a single session, rather than doing two 50-minute sessions. This saves you time and money in the long run. We're one of a few teams of therapists in Barrie who offer the extended sessions, but we do have an option for 50-minute sessions if needed.

What model of couples therapy will my therapist use?

Kaitlin and Jordan both offer couples therapy and they each use an eclectic approach to best meet you and your partner's needs. Couples therapy will primarily address ways of engaging in constructive conflict, reconnecting with friendship and intimacy, and creating shared meaning. We would also address the "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" (i.e., the major communication styles and problems that negatively impact a relationship), including criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling—and provide the antidote to each to return the two of you to loving and helpful communication.

Kaitlyn Baldwin - Registered Barrie Therapist
Jordan Whitton, Registered Barrie Psychotherapist


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Couples Therapy in Barrie

If you are a couple who is living in Barrie or the surrounding area, and would like to improve, strengthen or save your relationship, then reach out to Baldwin Psychotherapy today, and take the first step to a happy and healthy relationship.

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