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Sandy Beach
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Helping people with the struggles of relationships, anxiety, and trauma using an honest & challenging approach.


Hey, I'm Kaitlin, and my job is to help you with your personal goals—whatever they may be—in a supportive & challenging way. Most of my clients come to me with concerns of anxiety, anger issues, relationship problems, and trauma, and we don't just slap on some bandaid soltuions; we work on understanding the root cause of their problems to create lasting change.

I love this work, and I'm really thankful that you're here.



Therapy session

Adults & Teens (16+)

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, or have a history of trauma? Kaitlin supports individual adults and teens who are dealing with all of these concerns (and more) with a unique plan for each person.

Smiling Couple


Are you and your partner struggling to talk or get your needs met? Kaitlin uses a specific process to target the underlying issues that couples commonly face and help them return to their loved ones in a happy and authentic way.


Models of Therapy

Kaitlin has been trained and supervised in the use of the following models of therapy:

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

- Internal Family Systems (IFS)

- Polyvagal Theory of Trauma

- Motivational Interviewing (MI)

- Gottman Method

- Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

- Somatic Therapy

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  I care about making knowledge accessible, so I make time to create podcasts, videos, blogs, and other content on a regular basis—all geared towards helping you with your own growth & self-acceptance. 


Ready to get started, or want to learn more?
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After you submit this form, Kaitlin will reach out to you by email within the next 2-3 business days to book a free consultation. This will help you figure out if Kaitlin is the best match for you!

Kaitlin leaves 1-2 slots open in her weekly schedule for new clients, so after submitting this contact form, you can likely get an appointment within 1 week.

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