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What does stress feel like?

Stress is unavoidable, and one of the first symptoms that comes with it is fatigue; if you find yourself feeling exhausted and tired constantly, it may be from stress. It usually feels like an overwhelming combination of anxiety, doubt, pessimism, and irritability. Stress will usually come with physical effects like increased heart rate, muscle tension, stomach aches, and problems sleeping. Your stress may be so overwhelming that you feel hopeless or trapped in a vicious cycle of things to do.


Why does stress happen?

Because life is busy! Especially in our modern world where everything (for the most part) is rushed. We're rushing to do things we want or need, or we're rushing to fix or get rid of the things we don't want. Some major stressors include staying on top of household tasks, financial strain, work, relationships, school, or major life changes. Our body responds to stress in very specific ways through our nervous system; since most of us are busy and overloaded with many responsibilities, our nervous systems are often overactive—

—so your body & mind rarely get the rest and rejuvenation they need.


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